Our Services

Maintenance Special - starts at $60

Includes pre-rinse, wheel cleaning, delicate hand washing, DI water rinse, air drying, total interior vacuuming, light disinfection/cleaning of vinyl, plastic, trim and streak-free cleaning of all glass surfaces.

After the initial detail, the client is eligible for the maintenance special every consecutive service within no more than a 30 day period.

$60 for Sedans, Coupes $45 (with special)

$75 for SUVs, Mid-sized trucks $55 (with special)

$85 for Vans, Full-sized Trucks, and More $60 (with special)

Exterior Detail - starts at $50

A premium exterior wash addresses all areas of the car such including wheels, rims, wheel wells, tires, plastic trim, windows, paint, body kit, and door jams. Every wash is inspected to be free of water spots and streaks to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Includes full chemical decontamination and clay bar treatment stage.

Finished with a spray sealant to maximize protection and depth to your vehicle's glossy finish without the need for a wax or other synthetic product like a sealant.

$50 for Sedans, Coupes, Crossovers

$60 for SUVs, Mid-sized Trucks

$70 for Full-sized Trucks, Vans, and more...

Interior Detail - starts at $100

A meticulous process of using steam cleaning and all purpose cleaner to rid all surfaces except upholstery of dirt and contaminants. After completing the sanitization process, a complete vacuuming of the vehicle is needed to pick up any of the loose dirt and contaminants to insure that interior of the vehicle is of "Pristine" quality. Glass and plastic is given a final touch up, and the choice of scent is given to the customer to ensure customer satisfaction.

Engine Detail - starts at $50

Cleaning of the engine using a combination of steam, degreaser/all-purpose cleaner, and detail brushes.

Paint Correction - starts at $150

Paint Correction aka buffing, polishing, scratch removal, paint enhancement is the correction of a clear coat on the vehicle's painted surface. Pristine Mobile Suds first clays the painted surface to remove most of the embedded contaminants. Followed up with a medium-heavy cutting compound and finishing polish to remove the swirls and scratches visible on the vehicle. Finishes with your choice of synthetic sealant or ceramic spray.

Available as Single Step Polishing, Dual Stage Correction, and Triple Stage Correction w/Sealant.

Learn more about the paint correction process and if you should ceramic coat your vehicle on our "Detailing Explained" page.

Headlight Restoration -starts at $50

Wet-sanding and polishing the oxidized headlights and sealing them with an OEM grade clear coat spray. Includes 1-year warranty.